"Reliable Results Through Recognized Accreditation"


Organizational Structure

NACLA Board of Directors - David Savage, President


NACLA is governed by the Board of Directors as described in the NACLA Bylaws. The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of NACLA and membership represents a balanced representation of interests from laboratories performing scientific testing, accreditation bodies, users and government. (Those in government abide by federal and state requirements in their board-appointed duties.) The Board of Directors oversees all NACLA standing and ad hoc committees and is responsible for the operational activities of NACLA along with oversight of the Secretariat.  The Board of Directors maintains liaison(s) with other national and international recognition and accreditation bodies dealing with ISO 17025, ISO 17020, ANSI/NCLS Z540.3 and other international standards. 

The Board also assists the NACLA Treasurer with the financial affairs of NACLA. Some of the Treasurer’s responsibilities include submitting an annual budget to the Board of Directors, establishing fees, approving capital expenditures, and investing funds; preparing budgets and financial reports as required.

Standards Committee
This committee defines and oversees the recognition process and is responsible for the Recognition Evaluation Procedure for accreditation bodies. The Acceptance Panel Chair is a member of the Board of Directors and reports changes and improvements made to the process and the Evaluation Procedure. The committee members periodically review and update the Evaluation Procedure; examine national and international documents, such as ISO 17025, and others related to recognition procedures with a view to keeping the recognition process up-to-date; form teams to discuss and compare recognition arrangements with similar bodies.

This committee also identifies, facilitates and develops supplemental technical requirements for use in NACLA recognition programs usually associated with scientific testing for a particular specifier or sector. When applicable, the committee partners with NACLA MoU signatories to do the same. The chair reports requirements in development and those maintained by NACLA to the Board. The committee members periodically review and update the supplemental technical requirements and hold meetings with specifiers and regulators to assure requirements are met and expectations exceeded in the interest of improving scientific testing and compliance with ISO 17025 and other standards.
Acceptance Panel - Milton Bush, Chair
The Acceptance Panel reviews the recommendations and evaluation reports submitted by the NACLA Evaluation Teams and grants recognition to applicant ABs found to be in compliance with NACLA requirements, leading to increased competence in accredited laboratories. The Acceptance Panel is chaired by the NACLA Executive Director who selects additional Council members in consultation with the NACLA Board of Directors.  Additionally representatives of various specifier and laboratory organizations that have been appointed by the NACLA Board may participate. A delegate alternate may represent each permanent member. Approved observers may also be present for a given meeting. Voting responsibilities are detailed in the NACLA Acceptance Panel Charter.