"Reliable Results Through Recognized Accreditation"


Becoming Recognized

National accreditation body (AB) recognition provides coordination and focus for laboratory accreditation in the US to improve the quality of scientific testing and calibration data.  NACLA coordinates this effort to improve laboratory accreditation by:
  • Developing recognition procedures and requirements in accordance with international standards and guidelines that meet the needs of all NACLA members and stakeholders with ultimate goal of improving reliability in scientific testing.

  • Reducing redundant accreditation body evaluations through NACLA acceptance thereby keeping testing costs as low as possible.

  • Promoting the acceptance of NACLA across industry sectors, working to continually expand NACLA's reach and improve laboratory accreditation throughout US markets.

  • Administering NACLA recognition procedures for ABs with impartiality and integrity.

  • Recognizing ABs for compliance with the NACLA requirements.

  • Working with US industry specifiers and government/regulatory agencies to coordinate the development of sector-specific technical requirements beyond those included in international guidelines used for accreditation body recognition, enhancing the precision of test results. 


NACLA’s mission is to ensure reliable scientific testing and calibration results through recognized accreditation to improve laboratory accreditation in the US. Its composition of regulators, specifiers and stakeholders ensures that this mission is realized in an impartial and efficient manner. The US laboratory accreditation process is unlike laboratory assessment in other global economies, creating the need for NACLA to provide oversight and recognition of accreditation providers in the US, thus improving the reliability of scientific testing.
To join the NACLA community and support its mission, complete the NACLA Membership Application For ABs interested in becoming recognized, complete the NACLA Recognition Application.  To learn more about becoming recognized, click on the links below: