"Reliable Results Through Recognized Accreditation"




Volunteers from NACLA's member organizations run the organization. The bulk of the member bodies are in the four major stakeholder groups: industry, government, laboratories and accreditation bodies. However, NACLA membership is open to any organization with an interest in laboratory accreditation, no matter how large (US Navy, Federal Highway Administration, etc.) or small (a one-man consultancy). Membership dues are modest, and the amount of an organization's dues obligation is tailored to its annual income/budget. 

Representatives of member bodies chair and serve on NACLA committees and elect the NACLA policy group, its Board of Directors (which has balanced representation from the four major stakeholder groups.) Members also enjoy discounted registration fees for NACLA educational sessions and conferences. Accreditation bodies that join NACLA pay a reduced application fee if they apply for NACLA recognition.


The contributions of its members provide the financial and human resources that are vital ingredients in NACLA's operations and essential elements to its success. If you believe that quality scientific testing and calibration data are important and that the US laboratory accreditation system needs better coordination and improvement, join NACLA now and get involved in its operations. Become part of the solution to US laboratory accreditation issues and improved scientific testing.

To join, download the
NACLA Membership Application, calculate the dues amount appropriate for your organization, and email (with credit card payment) or mail your application form and payment to the NACLA Secretariat at the address below.  Help us improve laboratory accreditation in the US and join today.